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Dr. Warren Ertle's Corpse Revivers

Dr. Warren Ertle’s Corpse Revivers (formerly "Hot Peppers") is an authentic eight-piece “hot jazz” band comprised of all-star musicians from Mississippi and Alabama. The band is committed to providing authentic performances of 1920s-1930s jazz, including Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Bix Beiderbecke, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, and many others.

The band is led by award-winning composer and ragtime pianist, Dr. Warren Ertle. The Tuscaloosa-based musician and Mississippi native is an avid performer of ragtime and stride piano music as well as an active composer and arranger. Ertle’s passion for both early jazz and the American “Jazz Age” help to ensure that the band looks and sounds as if it stepped right out of the vintage recordings that it recreates. The band employs the traditional “three horn front” (clarinet, trumpet, trombone) of the original “Dixieland” bands, a myriad of vintage instruments, microphones, accessories, and principal vocalist, Jamie Shannon. 

Listen to the Corpse Revivers

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Upcoming Shows


Warren Ertle at the Marble Ring Avondale

Avondale (Birmingham), AL - 7:00PM


Dr. Warren Ertle's (Mini) Corpse Revivers

Mardi Gras Party at Loosa Brews

Tuscaloosa, AL - 8:30-11:30PM


Dr. Warren Ertle's Corpse Revivers

Mardi Gras Shoebox Parade - Ferus Ales Stage

Trussville, AL - 2:00PM


Dr. Warren Ertle's Corpse Revivers

World Championship Old-Time Piano-Playing Contest & Festival

The Pavilion, Oxford, MS - 9:15PM 

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